Statistics are like Bikinis.

They show the tempting, but hide the essential.

Preconcepts about statistics like this one should no longer be after our training sessions. In our seminars, workshops and individual coaching sessions we provide clarity and transparency.

As needed, we focus on statistical methodology or transmit the application of the methods with software packages. Extended solutions such as SPSS, SAS, R, Minitab, Matlab and Simulink, but also as a source or special tools like XLfit are part of our repertoire. Especially when it comes to R, we also support you in developing or expanding your own packages with S3/S4. Of course we define the goals together with you before each seminar or workshop.

We also give workshops on statistical basics specifically targeted to executives and managers. This is to sensitize participants on the typical pitfalls and antics of the numbers, surveys and statistics: To not just listen, but verify and question the credibility of the findings. Please see also our offer of training in academic environments.

Where you can find us

As speakers, organizers of workshops and presenters, we have been and are present for example at the annual conference of the National Bank of Ukraine in Lviv, in the congresses "Volatility Trading" and "Correlation Trading" in London at the School of Industrial Engineering / National Research Council of Spain, and in a variety of national and international events of private or public entities, such as the Counseling Center and Statistical Analysis (SBAZ), University of Dortmund, recherche netzwerk eV, or the Bavarian Association of Gas and Water Supply.

Our conference "License to Lie" has excited in recent years almost a thousand listeners in the EliteAkademie of Bavaria, Erding School of Applied Management, the delegations in various cities of the Association of German Engineers and the Federation Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science; Rotaract Munich, BPW - Business and Professional Women; WEC - Women Entrepreneur Club, the consultant Basycon and "Math Day" at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.