Statistics and the Truth

Sometimes you just need to dig a little deeper.

There are little lies, big lies ...

Tuition fees are counterproductive, SPD-education expert Rudolf Dressler said on 29/11/2009 at Anne Will and appointed to a recent study by the Institute for Economic Research Halle (IWH). Students would be deterred, or at least moving in toll-free states. Really? The small print of the study tells exactly the opposite, and with a bit of mental arithmetic calculation errors would also have been noticed in the study.

Sarah Wagenknecht revolted a few weeks later, that tax fraud would amount to 30 billion per year, so we had to loosen bank secrecy. What a shame that the number in her source referred to drug trafficking and terrorist financing, and not on Swiss bank accounts. Maybe the real number is closer to 400 to 500 million for two to three billion stashed abroad, as Heiner Geissler believed - without considering that his estimate only works with an annual interest rate of 80-100%?

Kienbaum Management Consulting said in a press release in 7/2010, money was not important anymore in the employer choice - because in the graduate survey 2009, the salary played a major role for only 31% of the respondents, no longer for 78% as in 2008. Overlooked was this: Two different questions lead to the comparison of "apples and oranges". Looking at the ranking of the criteria, then the compensation even become more important.

... and statistics?

Embarrassing, but this does not have to happen. We at STAT-UP deliver reliable numbers or take the ones you have already researched. What we do differently: We tell you how to read and interpret these numbers. Our information service focuses on the contextual interpretation and classification of statistics. Because we are convinced that statistics and truth is no contradiction.