Nothing is more practical than a good theory, nothing contributes more to the theory that a good practice.

Our rule for determining the appropriate solution for each problem is this: As simple as possible and as complex as necessary. Our goal is always to make the most of your data. But you should still be able to understand why and how we've proceeded.


We unite skills from the following areas:

  • Design of Experiments, sampling and quality control
  • Monte Carlo simulations and risk modelling
  • Business Intelligence (Data Warehouse, OLAP, Data Mining, Database Marketing)
  • Methods of hypothesis testing and estimation, classical or Bayesian
  • Time series analysis and risk management, econometric methods
  • Multivariate methods (cluster analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, multidimensional scaling)
  • Stochastic processes and survival analysis
  • Structural equation models, multilevel models, causal analysis (LISREL, PLS, HLM)
  • Linear, nonlinear models, mixed models, models of analysis of discrete structures in general
  • Optimization Methods
  • Numerical approximation procedures

Our company is able to solve almost all statistical problems professionally and individualized. Our capability covers the entire process, from problem formulation through data analysis to implementation.


All this is usually implemented using conventional or specialized software packages, such as SAS, SPSS, R, Minitab, S-Plus, Stata, Origin, Eviews, Matlab, Octave or Mathematica. We also have extensive knowledge in various programming languages and scripting senior management and management systems databases. The representation of spatial data with geographic information systems (GIS) is also part of our services. We also offer the possibility of development of individual software solutions to the point of providing tools to complement the standard Office programs.