Statistics is the language of the data. And we can read it.

STAT-UP will find the solution!

With the combination of statistics, mathematics, computer science and logic, we use a powerful tool in many areas:

  • Stat-Up Consulting provides an overview of the scope of the available analysis methods and assistance.
  • In Stat-Up Training, you will find detailed information about our training and coaching services.
  • Stat-Up Academics includes our services in the context of scientific questions.
  • In Stat-Up Research you will find our information service.

Perhaps you are also looking for assistance with specific tasks?

  • You need an expert who checks a study for you or statistically proves a fact or probability theory? Just as we did for the radio station Radio2DAY with a radiocommunication analysis or for a Bavarian Dental Association study of
  • You need an interviewer with specialized knowledge, because you want to hire a statistician? Then we can help you, as we did for e.g. be2, for which we have conducted interviews in English and German. Or HRblue, which we have provided a list of questions. Or for which we have developed the requirements for the management of the data mining department.
  • You need short-term statistical know-how? As a prominent businessman, who had to comment in a TIME interview on a statistical statement? Or a manager at Kroll / MMC, who had to acquire detailed statisticl knowledge for a statistics-based screening of distressed companies?

We provide our services at your location if you are looking for ongoing personal contact with our consultants or do not want sensitive data to leave your area. Alternatively, we can operate completely independently in our rooms, so we take your infrastructure and human resources at most minimal claim.

Talk to us - we look forward to your challenge.