Statistics are almost everywhere. Even where you would least expect them.

Trust is important to you. To us, too.

Therefore you will find on the following pages next to the description of our services only a selection of previous projects that have been anonymised to protect our customers in many cases. You can read more on each side branch.

Your benefit? Some examples:

  • Radio station of a German city: more than tripling the designated range, and correspondingly increased advertising revenue as a result of the report to the radio analysis.
  • In-house advice of a market leader in the automotive industry: For several years, saving of more than 30,000 euros per year because the newly developed Loyalty Index makes it possible to hold the staff survey internally for the same quality and predictive power.
  • County in southern Germany: Savings of € 1.8 million in one year by implementing the recommendations from the professional school planning and scenario calculation: Relocation of training programs and rehabilitation rather than constructing new buildings.
  • Market-leading consumer-club: By his own admission savings of at least € 1 million in two years by spatially focused advertising campaigns that are based on geostatistical analysis of the target group for a new service.
  • Public research institute in Germany: saving several man months in the future research created by the in-house database with automatic evaluation module for bacterial growth. Previously all of the approximately 3 million growth models had to be calculated manually.
  • World leader in medical technology: computation and drastic reduction of the buyer's risk to a value in tenths of a percent at the supplier's sampling. The previously relied on ISO 2859 standard can limit only the producer's risk reliably.

Others about us

"It was great to behold how our staff of consulting engineers in computational mechanics were being enriched by the series of seminars statistics provided by STAT-UP." (Prof. Dr. Joaquín Martí, CEO of Principia Consulting Engineers)

"Thanks to STAT-UP, we were able to integrate the latest financial econometrics in our eFinance process tools." (Dr. Alexis Eisenhofer, Chief

"STAT-UP has allowed us to provide our CRM software with statistical modules that supports our philosophy - we make software easy - in an optimal way." (Dominik Wever, Director julitec GmbH)

"The process standing behind the issue of categorized hedge funds awards is apparently based on a very well structured ranking process, prepared by insiders of the hedge fund sector." (Dr. Frank Wehlmann, Managing TELOS GmbH)

"We were very impressed by the professional approach of the assessment method and the measurement of risk-adjusted return. This took place under special consideration of industry specifics and highlights the competence and objectivity. A milestone in the young, German hedge fund industry." (Yasin Sebastian Qureshi, Chief Varengold Bank AG)

"No other form of investment is so tainted with prejudice, as hedge funds. The best antidote to prejudice is knowledge and transparency. The Hedge Fund Award appreciates both of them." (Uwe Lill, founder

"STAT-UP makes statistics understandable. The workshop was well worth it!" (Franz Hilger, editor of media Bavaria, on our workshop "Understanding Statistics")

"Thanks for the great seminar last Friday and Saturday. Although I (still) have no practical application for it at the moment, I found it very interesting. On top of that I would put the speaker under the "Top Ten" of my best lecturers / teachers ! " (Prof. Dr. G.L. on "Quality Engineering - an introduction to Taguchi methods")