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Welcome to STAT-UP!

Statistics is the source of information for scholars. If you know how to handle it, you are less susceptible to manipulation and have the power to make decisions under uncertainty.

Statistics is our passion.

STAT-UP does Statistics. With substantial expertise, reliability and a sense of what really matters.

Statistical consulting solves complex problems in almost all sectors and areas of business and science through analytical methods. We find relevant information in your data and process it in a transparent and clear way, so you can make informed decisions for your business success based on our findings and recommendations.


  • CYLSTAT Cooperation

    We are pleased to announce our collaboration agreement with Spanish company CYLSTAT, specialized in the collection, processing and presentation of official statistical information.

    STAT-UP supports CYLSTAT in the distribution of their IT-platform for the centralised presentation of official statistical data and in their adaptation to the German-speaking countries. Furthermore it complements this offer with its analytical skills to provide customers with both a tool for viewing and downloading all kind of official statistical data in tables, graphs of historical development and thematic maps, and with analytical services for the exploration of this data as well as further investigation of patterns or relationships.

    Experience the possibilities of the data observatory with this demo.