About Us

Statistics is a tool for decision making under uncertainty..

Who we are and what we do

STAT-UP was founded in Munich in 2003 by Katharina Schüller, who directs the company. In 2010 she founded a delegation in Madrid with Ansgar Seyfferth and in 2011 in London with Nadeer Khan.

Our services and our customers:

STAT-UP Consulting will help in data collection, processing and exploration, as well as the interpretation of results and predictions. Our clients come from sectors such as

  • Health and pharmaceutical industry: Clinical research, statistical programming such as gene expression analysis, clinical data management, etc.
  • Financial services: Risk modeling, portfolio optimization, scoring models, quantitative trading models, etc.
  • Telecommunications: Campaign Management, Data Mining, Reporting, Potential of cross-selling, etc.
  • Industry (automotive, chemicals, etc): Design of Experiments (DoE), Quality Engineering, Statistical Process Control (SPC), survival analysis, optimization of transport and storage, etc.
  • Media and Publishing: Analysis of the target audience, readership surveys, etc.
  • Public administration: Projected demand for education, road infrastructure planning, analysis of the housing market, publicly funded research, etc.
  • Strategy / Management: Planning and analysis of complex studies, scenario analysis, Controlling, employee surveys, evaluation, etc.
  • Marketing: Market research, social media analysis, database marketing, etc.
  • Other areas: including sports and leisure, e-commerce, Internet-based services, etc.

We apply methods of medical biometrics (such as survival analysis and statistical genetics), the economic and social statistics and econometrics (such as financial mathematics, CRM, risk analysis and demographics) of industrial statistics (as the experimental design and process control) and of course interdisciplinary methods (such as descriptive statistics, stochastic processes, Bayesian methods, nonparametric statistics, sampling theory, Monte-Carlo simulations, etc.) and business intelligence (as Data Mining, DWH, Scoring and OLAP).

STAT-UP Training includes workshops, seminars and training courses on areas of statistics and mathematics as well as on statistical software packages (such as R, SPSS, SAS etc.)

STAT-UP Academics is able to support scientists, researchers, academics and universities in the planning, implementation and evaluation of their empirical studies, especially in areas such as medicine, biostatistics, and psychometrics.

STAT-UP Research is aimed at executives from business, politics and scientists who not only need hard data but also a reliable interpretation. We gather information and clarify the meaning of numbers and statistics.

To see some examples of our work, you can download our publications for free.